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Results and analysis: Boris Johnson vs. Jeremy Hunt as Gove eliminated in final day.

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Boris Johnson who snatches top with 50%+ of MPs support, will go against Hunt in membership poll

20 June 2019 | UK News

Welcome to our coverage of the final MP stage of the Conservative Party Leadership Contest 2019. Today, we have had 2 ballots eliminating Sajid Javid and Michael Gove. The Conservative Party Leadership rules state that now Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will go on the road to the 12 regions of the United Kingdom in a series of hustings for the public.

Eligible Conservative Party Members (about 160,000) will be given a chance to vote for who they prefer in a ballot paper. As the Conservatives are the largest Party in the House of Commons, the next Leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party will also take the role of replacing Theresa May as Prime Minister.

Over the last week, MPs have been holding secret ballots to choose who will go to the Members. Below is a graphic from the Guardian which shows how each ballot went – with who was eliminated.

Johnson, Hunt and Gove had been battling it out in all the rounds, with Hunt coming second behind Boris in all but the 4th ballot which took place on Thursday morning.

It is the ultimate battle of the current Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, and his predecessor and each other’s tenure as this role will no doubt be discussed over the next month.

Full analysis of the race and the effects of the candidates chosen for the country will be released over the weekend. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and sign up to our email post notifications so you keep up to date with the latest on the race for Number 10.

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