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Wolves poll puts Jeremy Hunt more Prime Ministerial than Boris Johnson

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23 June 2019 | ANALYSIS

251 people over the course of 2 days* have voiced their opinion on Twitter with 59% thinking Jeremy Hunt looks more Prime Ministerial than Boris Johnson since the final two were chosen to run for No 10.

Concluding on the 3-year anniversary of the EU Referendum when Britain voted to leave by 52%, the optics of who takes the UK out the door of the EU still remain. This poll started within 3 hours of the first official leadership Hustings Debate in Birmingham finished and, in the backdrop of the revelations, police were called to an apartment Boris Johnson was in after a row with his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds.

Johnson was seen as the front-runner all through the contest, which was triggered after Theresa May’s notice of resignation as Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. In line with other polls, Boris Johnson’s ratings have plunged since before the Birmingham Hustings and the police visit.

An estimated 100,000-160,000 Conservative Party Members whose membership has been active for more than 3 consecutive months will be the only people who can vote in this contest.

Wolves will be running more polls throughout the leadership contest to help track opinion.


This poll ran from 22nd June to 23rd June 2019. It was not voter-specific and was open to everyone on Twitter.

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1 thought on “Wolves poll puts Jeremy Hunt more Prime Ministerial than Boris Johnson

  1. This poll is so flawed. Firstly it will contain people who would never vote conservative but regard Hunt as more pro remain than Boris. Secondly it was taken whilst the MSM was in full anti Boris mode and using evidence provided by a creepy anti Brexit neighbour who just happened to record the argument that Boris was having. Rather than give it to the police this stasi like neighbour handed this illegal recording over to the Guardian who previously had acted holier than thou over journalists hacking the answer phone messages of some celebrities and with the moral consistency so beloved of the left wing they decided to publish this illegal recording.

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