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Labour write complaint to BBC over Panorama, UK Ambassador to US resigns

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10 July 2019 | UK NEWS

Tonight, the BBC aired a Panorama documentary which highlights the alleged amount of Anti-Semitism that exists in the Labour Party. It showed how the leadership has dealt with cases of the issue amongst Party Members and MPs. In the show, it is alleged that senior Labour figures have been involved in the disciplinary processes, with Corbyn advisor Seamus Milne and Labour Party General Secretary Jennie Formby being named.

It claims there have been disputes in the Party leadership over what constitutes Anti-Semitism, and by extension the process to penalise Party Members who post what is deemed to be Anti-Semitic content.

Before broadcast, Labour wrote a complaint to the Director-General of the broadcaster, Lord Hall about the programme. A Labour spokesman accused the broadcaster of “pre-determining” the outcome of investigations. A Labour spokesman said: “The Panorama programme and the BBC have engaged in deliberate and malicious representations designed to mislead the public.”

As we went to writing – the Labour Press Team Twitter account was allegedly hacked immediately after the Panorama documentary finished, posting: “There we have it folks, proof if any was needed that the Labour Party IS institutionally racist and will be until Corbyn and his cronies go #EnoughIsEnough #Panorama”. The tweet has since been deleted and the following tweet published:

Earlier in the day, the UK Ambassador to the US, Sir Kim Darroch, resigned from his post, which was due to end in 4 months’ time. This was due to a leak of private emails (dating from 2017) earlier in the week, in which Darroch said that President Donald Trump’s administration was “clumsy and inept”. Donald Trump took to Twitter and said the Ambassador was “a very stupid guy” and that he would not work with him, which contributed significantly to Darroch’s resignation.

Some in Whitehall claim that Sir Kim decided to resign after Tory Leadership contender Mr Johnson refused to support him during the Tory leadership debate on Tuesday evening.

Other stories carried today included a report being published that says House of Lords staffers are too afraid to speak out about abuse at work (Guardian), and ex-Prime Minister Sir John Major says he will take Boris Johnson to court if he prorogues Parliament to achieve a no-deal Brexit in October (Telegraph).

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