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Conservatism delivers prosperity – Hugo Sugg

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29 April 2019 | OPINION

When David Cameron was in charge, we had a comprehensive social justice agenda. The result of the EU referendum threw the country into political chaos, making Brexit the number one priority at the expense of education, housing and poverty. 

In the shadow of the Brexit vote, Theresa May vowed to tackle the “burning injustices” in the country in a way different to her predecessor. The Tories have a way of dealing with the economy that Labour hasn’t ever managed to grip, ensuring those who are lower-earners pay less tax. The injustices I mentioned earlier are more systemic than the tax system – and this is recognised by the Conservatives, but we’re not currently seeing this. 

The bandwidth of Parliament and Government is taken up with us leaving the EU, but it’s important to take a step back and realise we must continue building on what Cameron’s Government was trying to achieve – a recovery of our economy and more investment in our services.

Whether you agree or disagree with May or our withdrawal from the EU, on the 3rd May you will be faced with a local choice of councillors – and what they pledge to do for your local area. You must go out and vote for your Conservative candidate. 

It’s your choice whether you join the Conservative Party before the local elections or after, but I urge you to help create a better society for us, and our future.


Hugo Sugg is a former Parliamentary candidate and Founder of Hugo’s Earthquake Homeless Campaign.

You can follow Hugo’s Earthquake on Twitter here.

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