21 March 2019 | OPINION

Homelessness is on the rise across the UK. We need more action on the issue. 

Over the next 5 years, government must:

·  Offer an unwavering commitment that all Safeguarding Boards must conduct a review into every open-air death of rough sleepers.

·  Stimulate an informed discussion about the legislation that governs local authorities and their decisions on who to house. Not every homeless person is legally entitled to accommodation.

· Acknowledge that homelessness is a national public health issue.

·  Support a national public campaign which highlights the risks of giving money directly to homeless people and informs on how to use alternative giving schemes.

·  Provide better scrutiny and accountability at Local Authority level, ensuring money spent is used in the best way.

·  Formally recognise that over 40% of young homeless people identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender – but that there are limited services or support networks to help them.

·  Provide a comprehensive document to inform the public about homelessness, including the fact that it can never be completely eradicated.

The above points may seem wide-ranging. However they directly mirror the complexity and scale of the issue. In particular the legislation which governs the decisions local councils can make on who to house must be urgently reviewed.

The Hugo’s Earthquake Campaign is committed to working with partners and government to help achieve the points listed above. We aim to raise awareness and lobby for change across the UK.

Only with everyone involved can we bring down the numbers of individuals, couples and families who fall into homelessness. 


Hugo Sugg is a former Parliamentary candidate and Founder of Hugo’s Earthquake Homeless Campaign.

You can follow Hugo’s Earthquake on Twitter here.

Hugo is a political commentator and aspiring MP. His interests include homelessness, democracy and influencing policy. He is also the CEO of a charity responding to homelessness.


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