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Wolves of Westminster is a political blog publishing analysis and opinion pieces. The news agenda we separately cover on Twitter is that of a centre-right / liberal perspective. We champion individual liberty, freedom of expression and pro-Unionism. We aim to expose the truth and hold those in power to account, and we are always interested in hearing from new writers or for any media enquiries.

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Ted Jeffery


Ted is a freelance journalist and campaigns assistant, currently studying for an MA in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy at City University, London.

Patrick Timms

Deputy Editor

Patrick is a political commentator and freelance translator, with a background in educational IT. In 2019, he stood as a Conservative Cllr candidate in Crewe.

James Challinor

Non-Executive Director

James is the Founder and now Non-Executive Director of Wolves. His work involves managing medium-sized business portfolios.

Jack Walters

Sketch Writer

Jack is a History student at UCL. He has previously conducted political research used by The Telegraph and written for The Daily Express and Brexit Central.

Jonathan Eida

Staff Writer

Jonathan is a political reporter and commentator. He has been a senior contributor for a number of conservative sites. His interests include philosophy and sociology.

Gursimran Hans

Political Commentator

Gursimran is a political writer. He was previously on the overnight news team at The Daily Express and a member of the London Borough of Redbridge’s Fairness Commission

Hugo Sugg

Staff Writer

Hugo is a political commentator and aspiring MP. His interests include homelessness, democracy and influencing policy. He is also the CEO of a charity responding to homelessness.

Zeena Mistry

Political Commentator

Zeena is a political opinion writer and a Masters student at the University of York. She has a Politics Degree from De Montfort University. Her interests – alongside politics – include anthropology and ethics.

William Hallowell

Political Commentator

William is a political commentator and journalism student. His writing focuses on politics, sociology and culture in Britain.

Nick Buckley

Political Commentator

Nick Buckley MBE is standing for Mayor of Greater Manchester. He has also spent 15 years working with the homeless, and is on the contact list for GB News as an expert on social issues.

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