In discussion: Labour and the SNP

14 April 2020 | VIDEO Ted Jeffery talks to James Bickerton, the Director of the Campaign Against Corbynism, about the recent leaked Labour report and...

In discussion: Labour leadership result

5 April 2020 | VIDEO/ANALYSIS Our Deputy Editor, Patrick Timms, joins Ted Jeffery of Global Vision, Jack Rydeheard of Conservative Progress and Ben Rumford of...

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James Bickerton talks new group: ‘Campaign Against Corbynism’

24 May 2019 | VIDEO James Bickerton is a journalist for the Daily Express, as well as Political Editor of the online magazine The Backbencher...

Iain Dale talks Brexit Party, social media and mental health

24 May 2019 | VIDEO

In discussion: the European Union

18 May 2019 | VIDEO
Wolves of Westminster