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LIVE: General Election 2019 Results

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12-13 December 2019 | UK NEWS

04:00: We are bringing our live coverage to a close for this evening, now that the result looks clear enough. We will carry further election fallout either tomorrow or over the weekend. Even the Wolves do need some sleep… especially given they will be combing Westminster tomorrow to find more juicy details…

03:45: Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats, loses her seat in Dunbartonshire East, by 149 seats.

03:41: Boris holds his seat, increasing his majority to 7,000. He says that it looks like “this One Nation government has been given a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done and unite this country”.

03:27: Jeremy Corbyn will resign before the next general election campaign.

03:15: Salford PPC from the Conservatives tells us that it’s looking close in Salford, with Rebecca Long Bailey at least dropping her majority. Long Bailey is one of the front runners to take over from Jeremy Corbyn.

03:06: BBC drops their majority prediction, which now sits on 64, down from 86. Still a massive majority for Boris Johnson though.

02:55: Bishop Auckland switches from Labour to Conservative, with a swing of 9.5%.

02:42: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to make a speech on the future of his leadership if he wins his seat back, which he is expected to do so. Islington North result is expected at 3AM.

02:31: Ian Duncan Smith, former leader of the Conservative Party, holds onto his Chingford and Wood Green seat, after Labour’s flood of activists into his seat fail to oust him.

02:30: Alastair Campbell- “antisemitism played a big part, sense of saying to the people they can have everything that they want… and yes of course brexit was a problem… Jeremy Corbyn and his politics does not represent them in the north of England”

01:39: Jeremy Vine says the 7.5% swing that we are seeing with the Conservatives is “historic”.

01:31: Result in Darlington with a Conservative gain from Labour and a 3,294 majority.
Swing of 7.4%

01:21: Result in Workington with a Conservative gain and a 4,176 majority.
First Conservative MP in Workington since 1976.

01:05: Gareth Snell calls on Corbyn to resign.

01:00: Curtice says that the swing in some constituencies is a little less than he expected, and so the Conservative majority may be a little less than predicted, but still a substantial victory.

00:45: Nick Robinson, BBC journalist, says that it is not a question whether or not when Corbyn will go, it’s when

00:27: Gareth Snell, Labour PPC for Stoke Central, concedes that he thinks the Labour Party has lost the election

00:01: Justine Greening explains that Boris Johnson can now deliver on the Brexit he has sold to the British people, and leave on the 31st January

23:40: Sir John Curtice tells the BBC that the Exit Poll predicted a narrow Blyth Valley win for the Conservatives and a 15pt drop from Labour, which is what has happened.

23:32: Result in Blyth Valley with a Conservative gain and a 712 majority.
This is the first Conservative MP for Blyth Valley in history.

23:26 First result of the 2019 General Election is Newcastle with a Labour hold and a 12,278 majority.

23:10: The BBC has predicted a 95% chance that leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, will lose her seat to the SNP.

22:26: Sterling exchange rate at highest since May 2018 after Exit Poll was revealed.

22:17: John McDonnell, the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, has described the Exit Poll prediction as “extremely disappointing for the [Labour] Party”.

22:00: With the Exit Poll predicting a Conservative majority of 86 seats, we can expect the first results come in at around 23:00.

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