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The UK leaves the EU

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Credit: Leave Means Leave / Twitter

1 February 2020 @ 11pm | UK NEWS

While it will hardly come as news to many, we at Wolves nonetheless felt the need to report that, exactly 24 hours ago at 11pm last night, the United Kingdom left the European Union.

Amid both celebrations and commiserations up and down the country, the event was marked in Westminster with a rally hosted by the eurosceptic campaigning organisation Leave Means Leave on Parliament Square, echoing their last such event on 29 March 2019, which at the same was in frustration with the UK’s failure to leave the EU on that date.

Our reporters were on hand to catch the moment itself, although owing to the saturation of the 4G network in central London at the time, it was not possible to upload the livestream in HD:

Gepostet von Wolves of Westminster am Freitag, 31. Januar 2020

The event itself was organised by Leave Means Leave, which played a recording of Big Ben marking the eleventh hour as the big moment arrived. This, of course, was in lieu of the great clock itself being allowed to chime, as the request for this had been refused by parliamentary authorities earlier. A similar recording was also played in Downing Street itself, along with a visual projection of the face of Big Ben onto the front of Number 10.

The event featured speakers including Tim Martin, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Ann Widdecombe, Michelle Dewbury, Richard Tice and, of course, Nigel Farage. It was conducted in a festival-esque atmosphere of camaraderie, although there were a few reported instances of EU flags being stamped into the ground or burnt. We at Wolves hope that, in the main, both sides of the debate can now move on with more respect.

As the Prime Minister said in his address to the nation on the night, this event marks a beginning, and not an end. Let us now see where it leads.

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