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Wolves of Westminster is a UK political media platform carrying news, analysis, opinion, projects and video interviews from a variety of right-of-centre perspectives. We offer an insight into the latest developments in Westminster through our coverage. You can follow us on Twitter @WoWestminster and like us on Facebook @WolvesOfWestminster.

Mr. Editor


Our elusive Founder and Editor has chosen to remain anonymous – for now.

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Patrick Timms

Deputy Editor

Patrick Timms is a political commentator and freelance translator, with a background in educational IT. His commentary focuses on Britain’s departure from the European Union and the shape of future UK-EU relations. He stood as a Conservative candidate for the May 2019 local council elections.

Follow him on Twitter @Ephelyon

Chris Bradford


Chris Bradford is a political commentator, having studied History and Politics at the University of Liverpool. He now works as a journalist for The Sun. His interests include: the rise of populism and nationalism, the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and voting behaviour.

Follow him on Twitter @ChrisBrad1911

Paul Maginnis


Paul Maginnis is a Conservative Party activist and author of The Return of Meritocracy: Conservative Ideas for Unlocking Social Mobility. He is also a Conservative Councillor for Sawley in Erewash, and his interests include social and economic policy.

Follow him on Twitter @PaulMaginnis1

Ted Jeffery

Ted Jeffery is a freelance journalist and producer, currently working for Global Vision UK. His interests include Westminster news, media affairs and unionism for Scotland. He has previously worked for The Frontline Club.

Follow him on Twitter @TedJourno

Jonathan Eida


Jonathan Eida is a political commentator. He is also a senior contributor for Turning Point UK. His interests include philosophy and sociology.

Jonathan does not use social media.

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald is an aspiring political journalist. He is also the Managing Editor for The Point News. His interests include rowing and the history of religion.

Follow him on Twitter @ajmcdona1d

Ben Fisher


Ben Fisher is a political opinion writer and IT professional living in Kent, with experience across the public and private sectors. He is the founder of Leavers of Kent. His interests include how technology and politics will shape the world in future decades.

Follow him on Twitter @BenFisherCT

Tom Pritchard


Tom Pritchard is a Policy Fellow of The Pinsker Centre, a campus-based think tank which facilitates discussion on global affairs and free speech.

Follow him on Twitter @ClowesPritchard

Reece Harris

Media Officer

Reece Harris is a student studying Politics and International Relations at Northumbria University. He has helped to run multiple grassroots Conservative leadership accounts and is interested in political communications.

Follow him on Twitter @reece_hrs

Frankie O’Brien

Media Officer

Frankie O’Brien is a political social media consultant and Brexit campaigner. He works within the private sector and is also an Events Organiser for Leavers of Kent. His interests include football, politics and technology.

Follow him on Twitter @francisobrienUK

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