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May’s deal is the worst possible outcome

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19 November 2018 | OPINION

The Brexit deal that Theresa May has put on the table is the worst possible outcome for the United Kingdom as we draw ever closer to our withdrawal from the European Union. 

As somebody who actively campaigned for the Remain campaign, I think it is a more than a fair assessment to assert that the deal currently being proposed would be far worst than the prospect of crashing out without a deal. Although a no deal scenario is a leap in to the unknown, the prospect of being tied to the European Union’s rules and regulations without a voice at the table is absolutely preposterous. The UK would be aligned to single market rules in large areas of  policy, such as agriculture and the environment, not to mention numerous other areas where it would have detrimental impact, most importantly the threat it poses to the peace on the island of Ireland. 

This would not only be a bad deal for Britain, but it would also be an arrangement that wouldn’t suit the other 27 nations of the EU either. The EU decision making process will be far weaker without Britain’s input. This is because legislation that would have previously have been vetoed by the British would pass through with ease, strengthening the influence of the EPP and ALDE in the European Parliament. This represents the most ironic part of this shambolic deal. Mrs May claims that this deal brings back sovereignty, but it is the exact opposite of sovereignty, as legislation that will have a direct impact on Britain is far more likely to pass in Britain’s absentia from the EU Parliament. 

The most important thing now is that the British people have a say on the terms of the deal that is being proposed. Too often ardent Brexiteers argue that the decision has already been taken and that there is no need for another referendum. The reality is that it was never as simplistic as “Brexit means Brexit”. As we have seen from the deal that Mrs May has negotiated, delivering Brexit could have various different outcomes for which the people must have a final say. It is therefore critical that this deal goes to the British public in a second referendum.

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