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Live: Euro election results – Brexit Party surge in UK

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26 May 2019 | UK NEWS (BREAKING)

Initial results are rolling in on this historic European Parliament election night for the UK. These elections were never envisaged in the UK as recently as two months ago, but are already looking to produce hitherto unheard of results.

– Brexit Party leader Nigel wins seat in South East
– UKIP Leader and only MEP Gerard Batten loses (London) seat
– Former Conservative minister Ann Widdecombe has won a seat
– Brexit Party are sweeping the floor in the EU elections

We will be covering live result updates here.

22:12 – Leeds is first to declare, with the Brexit Party coming out on top, followed by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

22:15 – Another win for the Brexit Party in Sunderland, followed again by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

22:17 – BP on top, followed by Lib Dems and Greens.

22:20 – Labour come first in Ealing, followed by Lib Dems and BP.

22:22 – BP first in Sheffield, followed by Greens and Lib Dems.

22:23 – BP comes out ahead in Hillingdon, followed by Labour and Lib Dems.

22:24 – BP wins the day in Somerset West & Taunton, with Lib Dems next in line, followed by Greens.

22:25 – Lib Dems ahead in Bath & North East Somerset, BP second, Greens third. In Derby, BP comes first, with Lib Dems second and Labour third.

22:28 – Lib Dems on top in Kingston upon Thames, with BP next in line, followed by the Greens.

22:31 – Lib Dems hold Gibraltar by a huge margin with 7,220 votes, with all other parties measures in 3 figures. BP second, Greens third.

22:33 – Lib Dems in the lead in Richmond, with BP coming second, followed by the Greens.

22:34 – Brexit Party wins in Fenland, followed by the Conservatives and then the Lib Dems.

22:35 – Labour out in front to hold Leicester, followed by BP and the Lib Dems.

22:37 – Labour tops the poll in Birmingham, with BP next and then the Lib Dems. In Epsom & Ewell, we see a BP victory, followed by the Lib Dems and the Conservatives.

22:42 – Turning to Wales…
Cardiff – 1: BP, 2: Lib Dems, 3: Plaid Cymru
Blaenau Gwent – 1: BP, 2: Labour, 3: Plaid Cymru
Pembrokeshire – 1: BP, 2: Plaid Cymru, 3: Lib Dems
Monmouthshire – 1: BP, 2: Lib Dems, 3: Conservatives
Ceredigion – 1: Plaid Cymru, 2: BP, 3: Lib Dems

22:43 – In Chiltern, a victory for BP, followed by the Greens and Change UK.

22:44 – BP ahead in Cotswold, followed by the Lib Dems and the Greens. In South Hams, we see the same picture.

22:48 – A Lib Dem victory in York, followed by BP and the Greens. In Northampton, the BP claimed victory, followed by the Conservatives and Labour.

22:49 – Lib Dems ahead in Cheltenham, followed by BP and the Greens.

22:50 – Coventry declares victory for BP, followed by Labour and the Lib Dems. In Tewkesbury, we see another BP victory, followed by the Lib Dems and the Greens.

22:54 – Islington sees the Lib Dems edging out Labour by 873 votes for first place.

22:55 – In Scotland, we see the SNP coming out in front in Dundee, followed by BP and Labour.

22:58 – Mid Devon sees a BP victory, followed by the Lib Dems and the Greens.

23:01 – BP out in front in Exeter, followed by the Greens and the Lib Dems.

23:03 – A Labour victory in Nottingham, with the BP second and the Lib Dems third.

23:04 – A BP victory in Stroud, with the Greens next, followed by the Lib Dems.

23:07 – Green Party ahead in Bristol, followed by the Lib Dems, then the BP.

23:15 – BP leads in Mendip, with the Lib Dems next, then the Greens.

23:29 – 2 BP candidates, 1 Plaid and one Labour elected in Wales

23:34 – West Midlands: 3 BP in West Midlands along with 1 Labour, 1 Green, 1 Lib Dem and 1 Conservative

23:45 – Yorkshire and Humber elect 3 BP, 1 Labour, 1 Lib Dems and 1 Green. Leavers of Britain founder Lucy Harris elected.

23:50 – Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister and former Conservative Annunziata Rees-Mogg gains a seat in the East Midlands under BP

00:15 – Election round-up so far – Brexit Party: 21, Liberal Democrats: 10, Labour: 7, Green Party: 5, Conservatives: 2, Plaid Cymru: 1


00:23 – “We voted to leave, we were supposed to do so on March 29th and we haven’t” – Farage

00:24 – “We want to be part of the negotiating team” – Farage

00.26 – ” If we don’t leave the EU on 31 October, tonight’s results will be repeated in a general election.” – Farage

00:30 – South East elect 4 BP, 3 Lib Dems, 1 Green, 1 Conservative and 1 Labour

00:31 – North West: 3 BP, 2 Labour, 2 Lib Dems, 1 Green. Conservatives lose their representation.

00:45 – Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says “we need a general election or public vote”

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