22 April 2021 | NEWS

Two parties vying for electoral success in the local elections have joined forces to create an electoral pact.

Laurence Fox, the actor and London Mayoral candidate for his Reclaim Party, is collaborating with Reform UK ahead of the London Mayoral and local elections coming up next month.

The pact will see the Reform Party supporting Laurence Fox’s bid for Mayor of London. In return, Mr Fox will be endorsing the Reform UK candidates in the local elections taking place across the country.

Both parties are standing on anti-lockdown and pro-freedom platforms.

Reform UK had released a manifesto which included a free market solution to the economic problems caused by the pandemic.

Reform Party leader Richard Tice said at the manifesto launch:

“This Tory Government has completely abandoned this ambition in last week’s budget. They favour another decade of Tory austerity mark two. Their track record and their future plan, unbelievably, involves their largest tax take for some 70 years, the lowest growth for some 60 years and more regulation from nanny state.

“I now call them not the Tory Party, not the Conservative Party, they are now the Con-Socialists.”

He continued: “The premise is simple: Lower taxes, simpler taxes will create faster growth. That will mean higher wage growth and more tax revenues over time to invest in healthcare and other public services. International examples like Australia, Singapore and the US provide the evidence.”

The full list of pledges can be read here.

While it had been anticipated for several weeks, the parties officially announced their alliance on Twitter earlier today:

The parties also released pictures of the official unveiling of the pact on their Twitter accounts:

Leader of the Reclaim Party Mr Fox said on the announcement of the agreement: “I am absolutely delighted to receive Nigel and Richard’s support in the race to be the next Mayor of London.

“With the challenges we face to our basic freedoms now so grave, it is only by standing together that we stand a chance of reclaiming them.”

Former Reform UK leader Nigel Farage reacted to the electoral pact by saying: “It feels highly appropriate that on the eve of St George’s Day, a new patriotic alliance between Reform UK and the Reclaim Party is being announced.

“As the aims and objectives of the two men are so similar, this is the grown-up thing to do and I support it.

“With the big Brexit battle now over, the fight is about what kind of country people want to live in: a free nation or a semi-authoritarian regime? This debate needs to happen very quickly. I wish Laurence Fox and Richard Tice all the very best.”

The elections for Mayor of London and the various local elections are due to take place on 6 May.

Jonathan is a political reporter and commentator. His interests include philosophy and sociology.


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