31 March 2019 | OPINION

So far, Brexit has been a mess. The UK is subject to a situation of complete uncertainty. Parliament has led us to an abysmal state of affairs whilst disregarding the voice of millions of people across this country. Our MPs must realise the problems the EU has created across the continent. If they can do this, and enact on the 2016 referendum result, a brighter future may be ahead.  

One has to just travel the roads of our continent to see first-hand how poverty and poor governance has ripped the heart from Europe. I’ve spoken to hundreds, if not thousands of Europeans who are, at best, disconnected from their political establishments. At worst, they are grabbing high visibility jackets and rioting on the streets of Paris. The EU has turned the city of love into one of anger. 

But our country holds the key to a better future. The key that can open trade with new markets. The key that will allow us to build a future with the Commonwealth. The key that will enable us to reduce import taxation and support those on the African continent to develop business and trade, reducing poverty across the world. No longer will the EU be able to tax imports of roasted coffee beans because it suits businesses in Italy or Germany. Every true capitalist must see the potential we have to untangle ourselves and trade freely with the world. 

Leaving the EU will reset the clock and open a new chapter for Britain that we can write, a chapter that brings stability and certainty to our proud nation. No longer will we be restricted with our trade nor be told by a bureaucratic organisation how our country should be governed. 

We have a chance to thrive, to build relationships with our friends across the globe. We have the opportunity to invest in new technology and infrastructure that will be required, creating jobs and investment. We can hold onto our future and guide it whatever way we see fit. No longer being nannied by those who live in entirely different cultural and political environment across the channel. 

Most importantly, Brexit provides us the opportunity to vote out those who disrespect our democracy. We must grab this opportunity. And we must do so now. 


Ben Fisher is a political opinion writer. 

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Ben Fisher is a political opinion writer and IT professional living in Kent, with experience across the public and private sectors. He is the founder of Leavers of Kent. His interests include how technology and politics will shape the world in future decades.


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