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The Conservative Party: split incoming? – Reece Harris

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9 April 2019 | ANALYSIS

In an alternative universe, May isn’t PM, a Brexiteer is in charge of the Brexit negotiations and we would not be in a political crisis.

If May wasn’t prime minister we would not be in our current situation. This is nothing personal against May, I for one think she would have been a brilliant “peace-time” PM, but in the current situation, when the government are in chaos, she is not the right person for the job.

Let me address something, people who talk about how May has a really hard job and we should have pity on her need to stop; she went into this situation with full knowledge of the job ahead. May could have left the job to a Brexiteer, like Boris or the more sensible Gove, and things could’ve gone a lot smoother. She had full knowledge of the role ahead and the most senior job in our country should be taken seriously. 

In my view, it went downhill for the Conservative Party when Cameron resigned. He was an amazing PM and should’ve stayed on. However, he was the frontman for Remain. We know how disastrous his pre-referendum negotiation with the EU was, in which he came away with next to nothing in reform or change of rules, especially on immigration. 

The resignation of Cameron, after the country voted Leave, started a leadership election in which May, the only Remainer in real contention, went against Boris, Gove and Leadsom. If Gove didn’t hadn’t gone against Boris, we very well could have seen a different outcome to the negotiations and we could be sitting here today an independent nation. Under Boris we could have had a deal that doesn’t keep part of the UK in a customs union, one that doesn’t make us a rule taker from the ECJ, and one that allows us to make our own trade deals. 

One of the Tories biggest mistakes was letting a Remainer be PM at such a crucial time, as even though May has been great on more domestic issues, she’s been a victim of the issue of the day.  

The May premiership started a whole host of problems. Most notably her deal/s, which divided the Tories. She should have resigned after she failed miserably, succumbing to the highest government defeat in Parliament’s history. Her biggest problem is that she is ‘too strong’. 

Her arrogance has split the Party at a level not seen since the Corn Laws and Catholic Emancipation in the Pitt to Peel era. The ironic thing is that the Party came out stronger from that, with Liberal Toryism, but I don’t think history will repeat. 

This will be a turning point for the Conservative party, and we are at a real danger of splitting.


Reece Harris is a political commentator and graphic designer. 

Follow him on Twitter @ReeceTheTory

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