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EXCLUSIVE: Young Brexiteers to be official youth wing of the Brexit Party

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5 July 2019 | ANALYSIS

After successfully gaining 29 seats in the European Parliament and 4 seats in the Welsh Assembly, the Brexit Party are now turning their attention to Westminster.

Last Sunday saw the Brexit Party unveil their first 100 Parliamentary candidates who will be standing in the next General Election. The revelation took place at the Brexit Party’s Big Vision rally. The agenda for the event was listed as:

  • Hear first-hand the Brexit Party’s first big policy announcements
  • Take part in a conversation about other policy options
  • See our first group of candidates to be Brexit Party MPs
  • Find out about our plans for the General Election – and how you can be involved
  • Meet our new Brexit Party MEPs

Courtesy of The Brexit Party website

It was an event that announced the launch of the party’s first policy platform, the publication of its first official publication (The Brexiteer), and entertained speeches from the likes of Annunziata Rees-Mogg and Tim Martin (the founder of the Wetherspoons chain), Party Chairman Richard Tice and, of course, its Leader, Nigel Farage. Furthermore, the Brexit Party’s digital team had clearly decided to add in a WWE-style theatrical entrance. This confused us a little at Wolves – we weren’t too sure if John Cena was scheduled to make a tag-team appearance with Ann Widdecombe…

However, it isn’t just the senior Brexiteers who will be getting airtime now. Wolves sources suggest that a new official youth wing of the Brexit Party has been formed. They are called the Young Brexiteers and their Leader/Founder is 19-year-old Owen Reed, who if you aren’t aware has often been seen hanging around with a man called Nigel Farage.

An e-mail was sent out earlier this week from Owen to fellow young Leavers asking if they’d join him in coming on board for this new movement. This new Brexit movement isn’t the only grass-roots organisation that has been formed over the past year. Turning Point UK have also been making themselves heard as a small-C conservative organisation sharing similar values to Richard Tice and Nigel Farage. We at Wolves wonder whether there could be any overlap with the Young Brexiteers…

Our sources confirm that only one e-mail has been sent out thus far and, at this stage, Owen and the team are merely trying to get things off the ground.

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